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Havana, 1954 |


I am a guitarist and composer. The music I write and perform is inspired, above all, by the genres and rhythms of Cuban popular music. I studied classical guitar at the Higher Institute of Art in Havanaand this training has allowed me to apply classical composition techniques to traditional music, to which I have gradually also incorporated influences from jazzand other contemporary music.


I composemusic for guitarand various chamber ensembles.I have also written music for theaterand concerts for guitar and string orchestra, I have conducted a Latin jazzorchestra and I have composed many songs, some of them for children.


I combine composition with teaching and acting. I am a member ofand direct the Obdara Trío, in which I am accompanied by the clarinetist Bartolomé García-Plata and the guitarist Farid Bechara . Obdara Trío allows me to experiment and perform my own music with two exceptional musicians.


I have also integrated other chamber groups, with whom I have traveled a good part of Europe and Latin America. Due to the creativity we display, the one that has most marked my career as a performer and composer is the Dúo Confluencia, which joined me with guitarist Eduardo Martín for fifteen years. Together we began to merge Cuban popular music and classical music and to explore the Afro-Cuban roots.Original songs and arrangements remain from this period that continue to accompany me and that other musicians have recorded and made their own over time, such as "Prelude, prayer and song to Obatalá" or "Sones y flores".

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